Why am I Here

I have never really thought of this timely question. Our lives get busy and well, we never really stop and think of the finer things in life. If for once we can understand ourselves and our positions, then maybe we can understand our society and surroundings! So…Why am I here? I am here because I want to be here, not because of who or what I know, but because of who I truly am and who I want to become. The real question is….where is here? Here is exactly where I want to be. Happy, content, and Smiling to my full potential knowing that I am who I am and one day I ‘AM” going to be who I want to be!!


About coryballew

I have just started a new business. And I am very excited. I want to truly harness the internet and see it for it's true power. ~Very Man Wants to RUN......Are You Willing to Crawl to get to that Point~ C.Ballew
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8 Responses to Why am I Here

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  2. basilBLOGinc says:

    Good question. We are here to make a difference. What business have you started? Have you looked at David Cain http://www.raptitude.com ? Have a great week!

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